Where Do You Get Article Writing Ideas?

Where Do You Get Article Writing Ideas?

Until now, I am still having difficulties on how to get the ideas writing articles. Because there are no ideas, sometimes, I enable to post new article for days. And it will be more severe if I don’t move my finger to type immediately to start writing if not, I probably will not be able to write articles for the next post which is in the need for search engine optimization and blog updates because for me, writing is not an easy job and sometimes, it’s drain a lot of time.


As usual, I do some searching on the webs just looking for blogging ideas, and I also had read writing an article idea. It’s seemed that, there are 1001 ideas and actually writing ideas do not limit on certain things. You may use many topics and it about how you can take advantage of the opportunity to turn into interesting article.

So, where you got article writing ideas?

1. When you visit the doctor. If you experience to visit a doctor who visited by many patients, waiting time will usually is longer. It’s good if you open the magazine began to fill the waiting time. Gather all the information from the magazine’s about a certain topic and you can do after returning home to start writing article with your own.

2. Watch the television. There are much information on television such as news, talk show, quiz, game and more.  Find shows that cover the subjects that you write about and translate those stories into articles.

3. Read other blogs or search the internet for keyword stories. Usually when you login into blogger, there are many new articles many appear in the dashboard, and you can pick the ideas; probably as a response, feedback, opinions, from the article. Reading what other people are writing will often inspire you to write your own articles.

4. Out of the house or office, mix with the public. Some of the best story ideas that you have found have been overheard in a waiting room, Elevator or other public area. The more cell phones around then the more information you are going to assemble from the experience.

5. Check your inbox or short old letter. Sort through your old and unused letters in your file, journals and other scrapbook type materials that you have accumulated over the years. If nothing else you may come up with an article about how to relieve your house of clutter that you never use anymore.There is no limit to the places and ways that you can uncover ideas for the articles that you write. The odds are that once you get started you will be amazed at how easy it can be to find great ideas for writing your freelance work.

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