How to fix a Loose Toilet Seat

Hi I’m Blair Gilbert alias Mr. hardware Gilbert’s Pro hardware in st. Today, I’m going to share, how to fix lose toilet seat. Fixing lose toilet seat is not a problem, but if you face this problem frequently, then you should think about getting a new toilet for your bathroom. Checkout an article on Shoptoilet about buying a best toilet. Clair Shores and Mr. Harbor calm here to talk by the age-old problem of a wiggling toilet the seat now I’ve been doing some research and I’ve got my life I’ve heard all kinds of suggestions and how to take care of the wiggle on a toilet seat and I can’t believe some of the crazy stuff.

I got to show you here’s the trick what’s happening here is you have a smaller bolt going to a larger China hole and a hole in the China’s allowing the bulk wiggle around and yourself adhesive tape people put here which lasts a little while there are lock washers and double nuts and stuff they do at the bottom sometimes works or lasts a little while here’s the trick here at Gilbert’s hardware.

We sell a tapered rubber washer you shove it in the hole and what we’re looking for is that’s the one I cut here’s one uncut if it’s too proud in other words that this washer sticks up too high out of the China I take my razor knife I carefully extract some of the rubber off so it sticks up just a little bit above the China I take my toilet seat bolt I shove it to the washer I tighten this baby down.

Now when I get near the end as I’m tightening this down cover will compress around my bolt and I got that secure like you never seen before this toilet seat will never wiggle no adhesive door held no glue to go bad no lack washers just a simple less than a dollar washer it’s our tapered toilet seat stabilizing washer here at Gilbert’s pro hard way .

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