Installing a Tankless

What we needed  to isolate now again I’m not electrician  I’m not a plumber I have a multimeter I  wasn’t uh I wasn’t up to date and really  how to use it couldn’t remember too well  so what I did is I I watched a YouTube  video and real good one this guy did  this real good video on sorry dogs  barking he did this real good video on  your multimeter and how to to use it and  check your DC can your DC current and  your your AC car  now what I’m going to show you is that  was good for me because the one thing  you want to be sure of the one thing the  manufacturer really warns you against is  any don’t mess up the electrical you  know don’t don’t reverse connector  polarity if you damage the damage II you  know that’s on you you just you just  cost yourself grant it’s not gonna  here okay so um be sure that you are  sure of which which is which now so what  I did is I I saluted this set of wires  so you can see there’s four and I only  need two because on the back of the new  hot water heater is a red positive and  agreeing negative now the last thing you  want to do is make assumptions here .

So you want to be sure that you somehow you  know use it use a multimeter use some  kind of detector to ensure that you have  isolated your positive and negative and  I’ll show you how you I how I believe  you really do that so with those off let  me see if I can get to stand up like  that nicely maybe I’ll put this here I  can see if that I’ll stand up okay what  I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn on well  no first let me do this and then I’ll  turn my DC voltage meter on to about  twenty volts or it should register up to  about twenty and first I’m going to  connect my positive and my common and we  see I’m getting if you can see the  digital readout I’m getting just about  nothing okay so there’s that’s what I  should get  I really shouldn’t get anything okay now  um what uh maybe.

I should move this here  so you can see now I’m gonna turn on my  switch I will turn on my guest switch  again we have we have a guest and  electrics with our control panel you  should see ya making a mess of this  sorry this is necessary information so  some of you might have a control panel  similar to this and you have a gas and  electric switch for your hot water  heater well we’re not going to use the  electrical anymore we only need the gas  and what this does is this turns on the  12-volt DC from your battery so I’m  gonna turn it on now we’ll go back to  the multimeter okay  and right there we can see it now what  we should see when we connect when we  hit the positive and the negative is we  are getting a positive 12 13 volts okay  and we know it’s positive because  there’s no there’s no negative symbol in  the display now if we reverse the the  probes and put the common on the  positive feed and the and and the red  probe on the negative feed you’ll see we  get a negative 13 volt so that tells us  that pretty much tells me that I have  ice correctly isolated my 12 volt DC  connection this is my red positive this  is my green negative and I’m getting a  good 13 volts from my battery which is  good so I have that isolated that’s a  good thing okay now I’m gonna go turn  off the switch and come back okay I just  wanted to show while I had the video  camera off and I turn off my 12 volt  switch because I’m ready now to go  outside and start removing fasteners and  get to the point.

Where I’m ready to pull  this old tank out the last kind of  physical connection that I had here on  the inside was that 120 power line power  cord wiring so I went ahead and snip  that and you can see here snipped in  half good to go  leaves us a little extra base god forbid  you ever have to rewire anything you  could just water not these this back to  the connection and you should be good  there’s their slack back there from the  the 110 that they that they ran so now  I’m going to jump outside and we’re  gonna start removing fasteners  okay so obviously I’m not a film major  so apologies for all the camera shaking  going on there and the mmm movement  there but I was trying to I’m camera  operator and installer all along so  let’s try to move that around so  apologies there okay so now you know no  simply I’m gonna start moving fasteners  I’m not going to leave the camera long  for that because that’s gonna be kind of  boring I’m not gonna fish so once I get  all the fasteners out  I’ll stop all these start piece house a  little something about how the fasteners  out start worked in the the the butyl  tape and whatever seal is behind here  and then we’ll start we’ll be ready to  suck all this thing out okay.

Where Do You Get Article Writing Ideas?

Until now, I am still having difficulties on how to get the ideas writing articles. Because there are no ideas, sometimes, I enable to post new article for days. And it will be more severe if I don’t move my finger to type immediately to start writing if not, I probably will not be able to write articles for the next post which is in the need for search engine optimization and blog updates because for me, writing is not an easy job and sometimes, it’s drain a lot of time.


As usual, I do some searching on the webs just looking for blogging ideas, and I also had read writing an article idea. It’s seemed that, there are 1001 ideas and actually writing ideas do not limit on certain things. You may use many topics and it about how you can take advantage of the opportunity to turn into interesting article.

So, where you got article writing ideas?

1. When you visit the doctor. If you experience to visit a doctor who visited by many patients, waiting time will usually is longer. It’s good if you open the magazine began to fill the waiting time. Gather all the information from the magazine’s about a certain topic and you can do after returning home to start writing article with your own.

2. Watch the television. There are much information on television such as news, talk show, quiz, game and more.  Find shows that cover the subjects that you write about and translate those stories into articles.

3. Read other blogs or search the internet for keyword stories. Usually when you login into blogger, there are many new articles many appear in the dashboard, and you can pick the ideas; probably as a response, feedback, opinions, from the article. Reading what other people are writing will often inspire you to write your own articles.

4. Out of the house or office, mix with the public. Some of the best story ideas that you have found have been overheard in a waiting room, Elevator or other public area. The more cell phones around then the more information you are going to assemble from the experience.

5. Check your inbox or short old letter. Sort through your old and unused letters in your file, journals and other scrapbook type materials that you have accumulated over the years. If nothing else you may come up with an article about how to relieve your house of clutter that you never use anymore.There is no limit to the places and ways that you can uncover ideas for the articles that you write. The odds are that once you get started you will be amazed at how easy it can be to find great ideas for writing your freelance work.

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